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I love Forex Trading


hey i am forex trader Can I find forums with paid signals in dark web ??

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Mit dem Unternehmen iMarketsLive kannst auch DU an der Börse bzw. am FOREX-Markt erfolgreich sein!

Schluss mit Rev-Share Programmen, Hype’s oder Investmentplänen. Mit der Firma iMarketsLive und deren FOREX-Produkten kannst auch du vom großen Börsenmarkt ein Stück abhaben. Der FOREX-Markt ist dir bekannt oder nun weisst du um was es geht. Dann stelle ich dir hier die Vorteile der Firma vor:
✅ Profite durch automatisiertes Trading ✅ halb automatisiertes Trading (Signale per App) ✅ Trendwendepunkte für den Einstieg durch unseren Harmonic-Scanner ✅ Wissensaufbau durch Akademie (für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene) ✅ Live Sessions mit Top Tradern (in Englisch und bald in Deutsch) ✅ Tipps und Trick direkt vom CEO
➡️ Produkte die sofort Geld verdienen ➡️ Network Aufbau möglich als weiterer Einkommensstrom ➡️ Wissen kann dir keiner mehr nehmen ➡️ KEIN Investmentplan, jederzeit alles Auszahlbar ➡️ monatl. kündbare Mitgliedschaft ➡️ DEIN GELD LIEGT BEI EINEM BROKER deiner Wahl! ➡️ Broker Deal als 3. Einkommensstrom ➡️ Telegrammgruppen mit bestem deutschen Support!
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iMarketsLive ermöglicht es jedem ohne Vorkenntnisse am Forex-Markt (dem weltgrößten Finanzmarkt der Welt) erfolgreich zu werden!

iMarketsLive ermöglicht es jedem ohne Vorkenntnisse am Forex-Markt (dem weltgrößten Finanzmarkt der Welt) erfolgreich zu werden! submitted by nightbane99 to u/nightbane99 [link] [comments]

I am just getting into forex but i do not understand how much each pip is worth in a trade. In this trade can someone show me the math as to how I made $69 profit?

I am just getting into forex but i do not understand how much each pip is worth in a trade. In this trade can someone show me the math as to how I made $69 profit? submitted by StevenMendieta to Forex [link] [comments]

I am putting forex gurus to the test. Im doing a video series to see if their strategies are actually profitable

I am putting forex gurus to the test. Let me know which strategy would you like to be tested
I am doing a series where i test out strategies that are supposed to be profitable
Here is my first video https://youtu.be/EK4HoVLd9hw
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FOREX. A máquina de fazer dinheiro dos tempos modernos, am I right?

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Is Forex actually simple? Or am I following for social media marketing/scam?

High school student, seeing friends and college students on social media saying how they make enough to quit their part time/full time jobs from forex, when some have only been on it for a few months. Almost all say they are in groups, and people should join to get videos and it’s best to learn with a mentor and a group to share trades. Some try to recruit. Some say although you have to pay, it’s worth it because of what you get to learn.
Maybe the answer is obvious, but they can’t all be lying right? I’m talking I’ve seen hundreds-thousands of high school and college students all claim the same thing about forex on social media. I obviously haven’t seen any profit, as in clear money from forex, but I find it insane, but hard to believe that all these people fall under the same umbrella and are lying/spewing hyperboles
EDIT: falling for a * in title
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I am a forex trader I want to stream live on Reddit but no enough karma, plz help I really appreciate you

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If I have Standard Cash options trading and am approved for margin, can I do futures and forex trading?

Basically what the title says.
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Am I on the right way - is always a worthy question. #gambling #tradeplan #newrelease #forex #trader #traderpulse

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I am wanting to learn forex training does anyone know of any really good teachers in the U.K. please it would be a big help as need to learn

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I am currently happy with my Forex trading (examples in comments). I'm wanting to expand to stocks but I feel lost.

I am currently happy with my Forex trading (examples in comments). I'm wanting to expand to stocks but I feel lost.
TL;DR I feel brand new to day trading anything other than currencies and I'm having trouble finding the right resources to get started. Help? Will trade answers regarding trend trading.
Hey folks,
I've been involved in Forex for about 6-7 years now. Light bulb moment happened right around 2 years ago and I'm content with the growth rate of my account since then. I trade very, very simply. I look for established trends on higher timeframes (8h, 12h, daily, weekly), wait for a pullback, and then enter with fib retracements and supp/resistance on what I perceive as momentum. The moving average serves no technical purpose. It's simply a different type of visual representation of price movement. There's nothing revolutionary here.
eurjpy example
audusd examples:
I want to expand into day trading but again, I feel lost. Small cap? Large cap? Reading tape? Scrapers? Volume aggregation? stock scanning scripts? Runners? Bag holding? Apparently shorting is a big deal? Penny stocks compared to "normal" stocks? which brokers offer what? ALSO, some of these charts feel chaotic at best. The choppiness just appears unreal. Price action in Forex can be choppy, but at least it's "smooth" in the sense that price opens at the same price the previous candle closed at 99% of the time.
It doesn't really help that most of the youtube resources I've come across focus on getting rich quick, or aspects of trading that I do believe are important (psychology, money management, FOMO, indicators, etc.) but I do not need help with. I'm still improving, but I've got a solid grip on these aspects and they are not what I'm looking for. I guess what I'm looking for specifically is information on the nuances, technicals, vernacular, and details that are inherent in day trading stocks that don't exist in forex. Most of the stuff I listed in the above paragraph are accurate examples.
I have zero interest in scalping Forex. I'm active duty with a full time day job which is part of the reason I strictly trade higher time frames. I've also found that the manner in which I prefer to trade is more reliable at higher time frames. That being said I am interested in getting into stocks as well as Forex and will have the option to move to second shift and trade the morning bell and all the liquidity that comes with it in the next couple months. I'm looking to get educated in the interim. It's likely that I'll eventually move into long-term trading with stocks as well, but who knows.
Does anyone have any resources or suggestions for materials that touch on topics similar to what's listed above that they found helpful when first jumping in? I'm looking for the option to trade stocks, commodities, penny stocks, etc.
Oh, I currently trade with Oanda through Tradingview and I'm considering TDAmeritrade. I can get around the PDT rule but I'm not in a hurry and would probably like to start with penny stocks with something like $5-10k I think? The problem is I'm just unsure. My personal philosophy is that demo trading is useless after buttonology. Instead I have found that trading small amounts of real money provides much better results in the long term.
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I’m a Forex Beginner and am currently in the School or Pipsology. I like to visualize while I learn so I would like to download a trading platform and open a Demo Account while learning. For beginners, is it better to use MT4 or MT5?

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Kosten senken bei Broker

Ich bin in der Schweiz wohnhaft und finde keine vergleichbaren Angebote in der Schweiz wie in Deutschland. Es gibt keine Sparpläne und die Kosten so hoch, dass es sich fast nicht lohnt kleine Beträge ~500 $ zu investieren. Eine Kostenaufstellung:
Betrag Beschreibung
9 $ Ordergebühr
~ 3 $ Stempelsteuer
0.5 % Des Volumens
0.95 % Währungstausch Nur bei Titeln die nicht in Franken gehandelt werden. Dies Bedeutet für mich bei fast allen.
12 $ + 1.45 % Total
Ich habe mir gedacht ich könnte evtl am Forex die Währung selbst kaufen dann würden schonmal die 0.95 % Prozent wegfallen und dafür dort würde ich nur 2 pips bezahlen (0.02 %).
Ich wollte Fragen, ob es andere Empfehlungen gibt, um die Kosten zu senken? Ausserdem ist es mir Wichtig das meine Titel bei dem Broker "sicher" sind und nicht von dem Broker ausgeleiht werden können.
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ILPT REQUEST how to trade forex when I am in UK on student visa, as I am not allowed to be self employed

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Unathi Kwaza RT from mike schussler: Today I am happy to be informed by @BuddyWells1 that we are rich. SA has $58 trillion in forex reserves. That's R174 million for each man, woman & child. We can just all buy government debt at 8.5% and spend R1,4 million each year. @MagnusHeystek I see lots of...

Unathi Kwaza RT from mike schussler: Today I am happy to be informed by @BuddyWells1 that we are rich. SA has $58 trillion in forex reserves. That's R174 million for each man, woman & child. We can just all buy government debt at 8.5% and spend R1,4 million each year. @MagnusHeystek I see lots of... submitted by TweetArchiveBot to LibertyRSA [link] [comments]

I am getting 10% daily return on my Forex Demo account. Need Advice.

Like the title says, I am doing crazy good on my Forex demo account. I want to know is this sort of thing common and will it all completely change when I make a live account.
For some background I have been only studying Forex for about 2 weeks but during those 2 weeks I have not stopped learning. I came across a strategy that is now making me 10% returns per day and I'm fairly sure I could make that number higher with more practice.
Any advice with this would be much appreciated.
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Ive been invited to an online Forex seminar. Gut tells me it's a scam. A bit like the Amway of investing. Am I wrong?

So, a chap I know is doing the hard sell on Forex. Sure, I'm interested to learn, but almost everything he says sounds scripted. The link to the video says to get back to the person who referred you. Something doesn't seem right to me. I'm not going to join them, but have any of you come across this and what are your experiences or comments?
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Unathi Kwaza RT from Ricardo Mackenzie: I am shattered😭😭😭 My new bitcoin/Forex Trader friend Bella doesn’t want to invest in me 😂😂😂😂😂

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Can you actually use Wealthsimple Cash? I am desperate for a no-forex fee card to use for spending in the UK

Living in the UK and my Roger's World Elite Mastercard no long provides 4% back. Hope I can just use Wealthsimple cash, but at the moment, despite having a balance, can't seem to actually use it.
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Forex replacing anyone's income seems unattainable. Am I wrong?

Hey traders, new trader here. I'm still in the research and practice phase. Things are going well (I'm positive on my paper account at least). But I had a question about the income potential.
I hear conflicting information about whether or not you can actually make a living via forex trading. It's easy to find people who say live the "forex life" but they coincidentally always ask for your money. So you can't believe them in any capacity at all. On the other side, I read that making 10-18% over a year is the rarest of successes and that almost nobody can achieve those numbers.
To make things more complex, I understand there are diminishing returns for increased account sizes. I've read that "it's easier to make money on a small account". So there seems to be an upper limit for how much capital is useful.
I've heard talk that anything over 100k capital isn't very beneficial. If that's true, and if 10-18% is the nearly unachievable top end, then am I correct to assume $18k annually is about as good as a retail trader can do?
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I am going to tell you a very kept secret from forex mentors that will never tell you

You need big amount of cash to put in the account balance in order to trade forex. And by trading I mean proper trading.
BUT before that, train yourself on small account balance and take small pips in order to elevate your forex skillset. Delete your emotions. Have a plan and trading time. Develop good patience.
Then slowly rise up on a bigger account. That is forex.
You are paid to wait. <- Read it again
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DJ Coach - Forex trader (feat. Mellow Oupich) - YouTube FOREX iML/IM Academy Scam Or Nah ?  Forex Trading 2020 ... Most Accurate Forex Entry Point ️Forex Trading Indicator ... Here's why you'll NEVER make money in Forex. The Forex ... The ONLY Forex Trading Video You Will EVER Need - YouTube

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DJ Coach - Forex trader (feat. Mellow Oupich) - YouTube

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